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Some shoe benches come in versions that are open with individual cubbies for pair of shoes. These allow you to see the shoes very easily. Generally this is a lesser expensive type of bench as compared to the other types. The other types of shoe furniture are more self-contained. They feature a seat that is also a lid. On some the lid is hinged and on others the lid removes without any attachment. If you do not want the shoes to be seen this is the type that will work best for your needs.

A shoe storage bench with seat and sliding doors for a home entryway can have more benefits than a normal bench or other shoe storage solution. This is due to several factors that make it rather unique with all the features and options that it is manufactured with. If a one piece shoe storage furniture option is what you need, this type of bench may be the right fit in your home.

If you are in the market for a shoe storage bench you are probably finding there are different versions of this type of furniture. Each version of the shoe storage bench has a different intended purpose. Here you will learn the different types of shoe storage furniture available in the market so that you can make sure you get just the right one that will exactly meet your needs.

Whenever you come back to your home, you take off your shoes outside the living room which when gives your home a clumsy look. No guest or visitor will appreciate the pile of scattered footwear lying on the floor in a shabby manner. A shoe storage cabinet helps to store your shoes neatly and also saves your footwear from getting dirty. There are several varieties of shoe cabinets available in the market. While the large one can accommodate as many as 60pairs of shoes at a time, the small ones can be easily used to store up to 20pairs of shoes. Normally, shoe storage cabinets are made from sturdy Oak, Pine or Cherry wood but in a few cases, shoe storage cabinets with metal frames are also found. There are also some models of shoe sstorage cabinets which have wooden doors in a metal frame or metallic doors fixed in a wooden frame.

Here are some of the wooden shoe storage cabinets available. The 5 shelves shoe storage cabinet is made from fine medium density wood which is good for sanitary ventilation. Usually, this type of cabinet is made from oak or cherry wood. Typically, 5 shelves shoe cabinet is very large in size and features 5 shelves as storage place for about 20 pairs of shoes. A chest shoe storage cabinet is fancy in nature and is constructed in three deep shelves. The shoe cabinet is made from solid oak veneer and can hold up to 10 pairs of shoes.

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